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How To Get Big Arms

When it comes to getting your arms to a size you are happy with, most people assume that they need external help rather than working what they already have. By external help I mean, supplements and most commonly steroids.

It's important to remember that the shape/size of your muscle is determined by your genetics to a certain extent, so just because you're eating you 7 meals per day, hitting your 2 hour sessions and getting your 8 hours of sleep, it doesn't mean that you're going to get a set of Rich Piana arms... and thats ok, because its about becoming the best version of yourself.

Here are my 5 tips to getting big arms:

1) Eat Big to Get Big

If you're not putting the fuel in your body, don't expect to get far on your journey to gains. The more you eat the bigger you're going to get. Eat for your specific goal, of course this doesn't mean 8 cheeseburgers per day but your good fats, complex carbs and good proteins are key.

2) Sleep to Grow

The sleep you get is the moment when your muscles recover from your training session. Without recovery there will be no growth, so make sure you get some sleep.

3) Isolate the muscle

Muscle isolation has given me incredible results when it comes to maturing and shaping the muscle. Isolation worked great for me when I worked on improving my biceps peak which increased the size of my arms overall.

4) Train both the Triceps and the Biceps

People want big arms so they assume they need to curl from sunrise to sunset but in reality the triceps covers a good 65/70% of your arm. We all have 3 triceps heads so you need to focus on working each head to achieve maximum development. Combining this with high rep bicep isolation curls will boost arm growth.

5) Don't be afraid to lift heavy

Increasing your strength by performing heavier lifts will also trigger muscle growth. High reps are great for maturing muscle and giving an nice shape but don't be afraid of mixing your training with the occasional heavier lifts with hummer curls perhaps to trigger growth.

Try the tips above and enjoy a bigger set of guns within a month or two! That's some real s**t.

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