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How To Stick To Your Diet

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

Sticking to your diet seems to be the hardest part of losing weight for us all, this is not because there is something wrong with you but it goes down to the fact that you are human and it is in our nature to want everything.

Here are three simple steps which will help you stick to your diet:

1) Don't switch diets cold turkey

Give your body a chance to adjust to the new food and lifestyle. Treat it the same as an addiction, a cigarette smoker has to ease off the binge smoking everyday by decreasing the number of cigarettes until eventually he's strong enough to cut them out. Although many people prefer to quit cold turkey, this way you'll have a higher chance of maintaining the new diet plan and getting actual results.

2) Meal prep is essential

When the food isn't there to be consumed, it is very easy to slip up and just have that one last McDonald's before you "really start". Again, it all goes down to manipulating yourself, reduce the cheat chances by preparing everything whilst you are "sober" from the hunger and make the right decisions for you before your cravings come in and you become weak.

3) Remember why you started

It is important to have a specific goal with your diet just as it is with everything. By keeping track of your progress you will know how far you are from achieving your goal and in a moment of weakness you should always refer to how far you've come and give yourself a push to keep going!

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