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New Years Resolution!

It's that time of the year! To some.. its time to get out of their faces and blindly promise that this is it, no more beers, no more smoking, no more skipping the "horrible gym" until they wake up and continue to do so lol.

But on the other hand, some of you are looking to make real changes to your lifestyle. The hardest part here is that we set our own deadline, or at least we are supposed to do that, but lets be real, how easy is it to ignore what we promise ourselves? Saving a few extra £'s, having healthier meals or less nights out? It's easy to ignore those because we do not hold ourselves accountable.

There is always the side of being too scared to over promise something like quitting smoking because we don't want to look like losers when we realise how hard that is and cannot face the fact that we are going to fail, so maybe by not doing anything ... technically we never fail? ... BULLSH*T.

When you never make a decision, never make your choice, never make a move... right or wrong, then we always fail because we never actually move from the position we are already in.

As someone who has the exact same fears, worries and doubts & after trying this one out for myself, I encourage every single person who reads this to simply grab a piece of paper and a pen, and write down exactly what you want to achieve - plain and simple, then stick it on your wall or wallet. You have then put those wishes, "wants" and hopes in the universe which is all it takes sometimes. Of course, don't be delusional and expect to achieve your dream body by eating sh*t, or save mountains of cash by not checking your bank account and hoping that you're "all good".

You have to put in the work, but a ship without a destination will never get anywhere. So don't be afraid to make a decision, write those goals down and achieve whatever it is that you want!

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