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Rapid Weight Loss Transformation

We all find ourselves in a panic when that holiday is coming close and we are not in the shape we want to be in or maybe even getting close to the summer season and we don't want to get the beer belly out.. unfortunately I have to come clean and admit that I find myself in that situation every year, if not twice per year!

Yo-Yo Dieting has to be the most unhealthy thing we could do, both for our body and mind, although i am guilty of it I am not an advocate for it. From personal experience and from a personal trainers perspective, the best thing you can do is slowly adjust yourself to making healthier/long term lifestyle choices, both for your nutrition, workout regime, sleep and of course "the sesh".

Here are the two tips I want to share today, if you too want to transform your body in a fast, but healthy way.


You are what you eat and all that shit.... but seriously, the only reason you don't binge on fruit or veg is because they are not as addictive as Oreo's ffs but 4 or 5 Oreo's are the equivalent of a stomach full of veg in terms of calories. What I mean is that if you consume the right food, it will provide enough calories to suppress your cravings and move on with your day without binging and breaking your diet. Best way to ensure you make the right food choices is to Meal Prep, because it only takes a few second's for us to grab the bag of crisps and avoid cooking or going out and buying a healthy meal. Also bare in mind that the way you eat is around 75% of the reason you look the way you do right now, and that's just the plain and simple truth. Reminiscing about how you were shredded when you were 15 and that you can just workout harder are the classic excuses and reasons for remaining out of shape, so stop lying to yourself and go buy some healthy food.


Here is the fun part.. yes you will need to stay away from them spine snapping PB's unless you are Hulk of course, but in reality when you try to shred fast, the drastic change in your diet will lower your strength to a certain degree as well as how long you can last in the gym. I personally prioritise High Intensity Cardio with light to medium weight and High Reps for the majority of my exercises.

The idea of getting shredded is not to starve yourself, you have to be healthy to look healthy, and this is something i do wrong a lot of the time as I become obsessed with losing weight faster and faster each day. Alway's have the food on you or near you so that you can get it in at the right times, don't stress of your macros but do keep count of your calories as calorie deficit is how you will control your weight loss, but we can dive into that one in another post.

Here is my 4 week transformation from a doughnut devouring pig to an recovering food addict on the rise:



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