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What Is Your Why?

It's so important to know and understand why you do what you are doing. Relating it to your training or nutrition, cutting or bulking, you must have a clear goal and you must understand why you want those results.

Failing to understand your "why" will result in a confusing and painful journey which may never lead to your desired destination.

You might want to look better for your holiday, maybe you want to impress your partner or perhaps detox your body and mind. Get to your personal "why" fast and your path to your results will clear up. Once you understand this, most obstacles which we put in front of ourselves will vanish and the ones which are inevitable will become easier to overcome.

Doing anything aimlessly will never get you to your desired results, as you'll never go the extra mile for something you haven't even visualised or thought about.

Set your goal and crush the sh*t!

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